Advanced Platinum Series P1200 Review 2018

Plants require top quality light to grow at their absolute best. The wide-ranging intense light will certainly make your weed grow faster.

Hence exactly how do you identify if a grow light is actually worth buying? Our team believes the PlatinumLED P1200 definitely worth every penny. Let’s evaluate it so you can find the key reasons why.

Advanced Platinum Series P1200

The primary reason our team prefer the P1200 Grow Light

Firstly, LEDs are the most innovative new method to grow weed. LED Lights generally utilize much less electricity as compared to HPS, and also they produce minimal heat, which assists you in keeping things on the down-low. The LED bulbs survive approximately 100,000 hours or even years of use. You’ll drain less money operating them, and you will never have to change them for a long time.

Secondly, the LEDs in this particular P1200 grow light cover up a wide spectrum of color– 12 bands, to be precise. They transmit ultraviolet via infrared, plus all the visible light in between. It’s like having the sun right within your grow tent. You can examine how well your current light is performing with this light meter.

Thirdly, PlatinumLED allows you pick among “Veg” as well as “Bloom” spectrums. Veg carefully boosts your seedlings so as to produce leaves. After that Bloom kicks it up a notch to full energy, therefore, your plant’s flower.

4th, our team love that the P1200 LED drivers to operate throughout the world. They welcome 110V or even 220V input (or precisely, 85V to 260V). You know, just in case you require shifting your operation.

Lastly, we praise each the 90-day money-back guarantee as well as the 5-year warranty that PlatinumLED provides.
Further information regarding the P1200 Grow Light

In this direction’s we research a bit further. PlatinumLED claims they buy their LED bulbs from leading manufacturers such as CREE and Bridgelux. Our team performed a little bit of investigation and got to know that these actually are widely known and reputable LED manufacturing companies.

After that our team liked to know the reason why PlatinumLED raved about “top bin LEDs.” We found that LEDs at times can vary in characteristics despite the fact that they are produced in the same set. “Top bin” means that the LEDs are matched in color, voltage, as well as flux. So PlatinumLED solely utilizes light bulbs that pass stricter quality assurance.

Alright, color made an impression on our team. In a world filled with cheap models, PlatinumLED is a firm which knows their stuff and even cares about it, Our team also found that they take a while to address customer inquiries on retail store sites like Amazon.

Information for the technical-minded

We like specs. An inch could make a huge impact, right?

  • The P1200 light panel has a weight of 46 pounds and measures 3 feet long by 19 inches wide and 3 inches high
  • Consists Of 400 3-watt LED bulbs along with 90 ° secondary focusing lens
  • Primary coverage at 18-inches is 5 feet by 4 feet; highest light coverage at 18 inches is 6 feet by 5.5 feet
  • Average power draw is 379 watts for “veg” and 690 watts for “bloom”.
  • You’ll require a minimum of 6.3 A of current for 110V and 3.1 A for 220V.


Why buy a P1200 panel?

Our team would suggest this LED grow light for commercial growers or determined home growers. In case you merely possess a few plants, then this LED Light is way greater than what you really need. However, in case you intend to expand, buy this one. You can easily increase panels as you add more plants.

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Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review 2018

Assuming that you’re searching for a state-of-the-art LED grow light for your plants, the Advanced Platinum Series P600 is actually a fantastic pick. Our team not long ago analyzed some of these and the final results were astonishing. Allow me to describe to you the reason that this light is really so good.

Advanced Platinum Series P600

The Structure: Long lasting

This specific LED grow light is the most ideal for the cost due to the fact that it comes with a strong design as well as a durable feel. Moreover, it was undoubtedly very easy to put together, which in turn is really fantastic when you will be utilizing it intended for an inside the house grow room.

No matter if you’re growing tomatoes, weed, or perhaps flowers, this LED Light will certainly aid you to reproduce “sunshine” even inside your home.

Especially when you are possibly dealing with cannabis, the capability to grow indoors helps make a huge difference in the quality of the grow light.

You would not be coping weeds, pests, or even harsh climate condition, but you also would not have real sunshine.

You’ll require a light panel which functions effectively for indoor plants, due to the fact that you won’t just be supplementing the sun– you will certainly be replacing it.

The Range: Full/Variable

This particular light has an adjustable switch to configure it intended for vegetative or perhaps flowering phases of the plant’s life. It would not accomplish all of the tasks for you, however, it’ll absolutely make the task much easier.

As soon as you get these particular lights switched on, you will definitely be impressed.

Phenomenal 12-band full spectral production indicates that anywhere from deep UV to high IR, you will certainly receive a comprehensive and also effective source of light which will certainly keep your plants flourishing.

You will certainly need to watch your plants because the shock from the light alteration might result in damage– nevertheless, if this happens, all you have to perform is calibrate the highness of the lights and you should be very good to go.

The Light: Intense, however Cool

This particular grow light produces an intense light, around 2-3x more intense compared to most LED grow lights in the marketplace.

This Light is intense enough that one could actually observe the light touch the plants. Nevertheless, despite having this extreme light, the device remains reasonably cool, with the help of the quiet fans inside.

The end result is a light which operates much cooler compared to traditional light bulbs, and also on a fraction of the electricity costs.

This combo of intense light along with powerful fans helps make Advanced Platinum Series P600 one of the most ideal LED grow lights available in the market.

As an electric beneficial choice, it’s perhaps even relatively economical when compared with a few other budget LED grow lights.

Coverage: Approximately 22.5 ft2 when at 18″

When it comes to your best setup, you must prepare for one plant per square foot of your grow room, though it is quite possible to start your plants a lot nearer than that– you will, obviously, need to relocate the plants when they grow and develop.

The highest coverage distance is measured at 6′ x3.75′ at 18″, however normally you will certainly yield far better results if you utilize the light much more concentrated.

The primary coverage distance is approximated to remain around 5′ x2″, however, your results might differ. Our team worked with three in our setup with fantastic yields.

It’s usually better to obtain a bit more light than you need than it is to have less, so in case you can easily purchase, our team would certainly suggest ordering an extra.

Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 Years

In addition to the high-efficiency bulbs as well as long lasting design, these particular lights come along with something totally rare: A 5-year warranty as well as remarkable customer support offered by owner immediately.

With the energy cost savings opposing an 800W HPS alone, this particular unit will probably pay for itself well before the guarantee expires.

These particular are definitely not re-sealed and marked up, you are actually receiving it straight from the provider right here. How often do you obtain your customer support directly from the owner of the company? Get Your Advanced Platinum Series P600 Led Grow Light Now!!! We have also conducted an Best Led Grow Lights Review In case you are interested to read that click here!

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Advanced Platinum Series P450 Review 2018

We have indeed been examining a series of LED grow lights from one of the leading manufacturers, PlatinumLED. The P450 panel is one of our favorites. Here’s the reason why:

Advanced Platinum Series 450

The tangible details

The P450 panel is best when it comes to a 3 ′ by 3 ′ grow tent or closet. If you hold a larger space, then you can hang multiple lights. The P450 runs very quietly and doesn’t raise the temperature inside to where you’ll need to have any kind of additional cooling.

The light has a purple tone to it. It’s soothing to the eyes. But in case you wish to check the overall health of your weed, you’ll need a regular white light.

Because our team switched to LED panels, the electric bill dropped by half. Honestly, I will never ever grow indoors below anything aside from LED ever again.

We’ve never ever had to change a bulb or panel, but even if we did, PlatinumLED has a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a 5-year warranty.

Fantastic lighting, great results

PlatinumLED says you can replace a 600-watt HPS setup with their 450W panel Yes, you can. And also it simply pulls around 275W even when you switch on the high-power “Bloom” for flowering. Don’t panic about your plants not getting sufficient light, because your plants will with the P450.

Just keep the light suspended at the recommended distance from their plant’s tops, or perhaps canopy. If you get the light too near, you probably will not “burn” them, however, their leaves will change color. When you observe that happening, raise the light a couple of inches.

One thing we observed is that by using LEDs, we don’t use as much water. We also had to calibrate the nutrients a little bit. Our weed is growing like … well, a weed!

Top features of the PlatinumLED 450W grow light panel.

  1. Waved 18 inches above our plants, the light covers up 5 by 4 feet total, perfect for 3′ by 3′ primary coverage
  2. Full-spectrum light consists of 12 wavelengths starting with infrared to ultraviolet– it’s like getting the sun inside your closet, however without the heat
  3. Button for “Bloom” turns on extra flower energy
  4. LEDs do not generate heat similar to traditional bulbs, and also don’t burn plants
  5. LEDs use a whole lot less electricity to run; costs are significantly less than employing HPS
  6. PlatinumLED puts into action high-quality 3W bulbs that survive as much as 50,000 hours or longer
  7. P450 build quality is actually firm and also the panel looks professional
  8. The cooling ventilators at the top of the panel are actually very quiet as compared to other brand grow lights
  9. Panel cooperates with a large range of electric voltages from all over the world

The above-mentioned are the reasons why we appreciate and employ PlatinumLED in our private setups at home, and also suggest them to the pros. You actually do get what you spend for– PlatinumLED has high quality products.

Definitely worth the investment

We recommend the P450 panel for 3-foot by 3-foot grow areas, or even as a component of a larger setup. This particular is a strong performer that assists plants to grow healthy. It has a top-notch build with quality components that are crafted to survive.We have also conducted an Best Led Grow Lights Review In case you are interested to read that click here!

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Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review 2018

So here I would like to explore one more LED lamp and put it into your consideration. Let us’s have a glance at the Advanced Platinum Series P300w 11-band LED grow light.

The Specifications

This particular is among the latest models produced in the Platinum series. It is a 400 watt grow light which is an excellent option for grow areas of approximately 5 by 3 feet. To puts it simply, a minimal to mid-size horticultural garden, sufficient to get a nice production.

The lamp is a wonderful money saver considering that it simply utilizes about 185 watts of electricity and offers your plants 100% usable light to obtain exceptional photosynthesis as well as nutrition.

Amongst the best capabilities of the Platinum series is that it provides an ideal blend of light featuring UV as well as IR, that makes your plants extremely lovely.

The 3W LEDs additionally possess a 90-degree secondary focusing lens which in turn adds deepness as well as the range to the lamp and far outrun a great deal of the competition for the price.

Additionally, it offers you a number of fantastic customizing effects. You can certainly utilize dual light spectrums while shifting from plant to flowering or perhaps seedling by simply turning on/off the second button so as to lower or maybe increase light as well as spectrum capacity.

My Personal opinion

What exactly can I say? Advanced Platinum is among my favorite providers. I believe they provide top quality products at an extremely economical price; the $$$ * price of this particular model approaches lamps which are much higher priced.

The structure is great and also strong, the lamps possess a 50,000-hour warranty also the coverage is excellent.

I generally position this particular lamp at a distance of about 36 inches directly from the plant, in some cases closer when I possess plants which require more light and also a little further out for seedlings.

I receive coverage of approximately 4 x 3 feet; although it does reach a little bit further than this, which in turn is fantastic, with the exception that the plants farther out than this specific coverage area often slope in towards the light.

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I love that this particular lamp possesses two different selectable switches to intensify or even soften the emitted light. The cooling fans try to keep the LEDs cool at all times and most importantly this particular lamp is an electricity saver and even comes along with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

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The LED chips are changeable if they blow out, so basically, you’ll get bored of this particular lamp well before it’s even time to change it. In my point of view, you can not obtain a better brand compared to this.

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Advanced Platinum Series P9-XML2 Review 2018

Cannabis growing has indeed expanded significantly throughout the years. It used to be some inside the house growing meant placing your plants within or perhaps close to a window for sunlight. Well, everything has now evolved.

Growers utilize specialized lighting for all of their inside the house growing requirements. Starting with halogen lights towards LEDs, grow lights have progressed dramatically. The lumens they produce works in different ways and also the spectrum of light transmitted is different.

In the marketplace today there certainly is a new production of lights readily available for growing. Advanced Platinum has indeed developed a number of the most effective lights one could purchase.

The new Platinum series makes it possible for your plants to cultivate large yields without the extra expenses as well as heat output.

Advanced Platinum Features

Advanced Platinium grow lights come along with eye-popping features which help encourage your plant growth to a whole new level. The modern technology which goes into these lights delivers maximum grow potential for your grow rooms. No matter if you are dealing with a large scale or even possess plants growing in much smaller sets, these particular lights will definitely produce wonders.

  • The new Platinum LED lights possess the best par/lumen output per watt of any LED grow light. You receive 2-3 times the intensity of every other grow lights presently on the marketplace.
  • You receive complete 12 band full spectrum light featuring UV/IR + 2 times white light 10w CREE XM-L2 LEDs for each set. Which is 38% higher output compared to older XM-L models.
  • Generally, there are 3 selectable modes for the phases of vegging, flowering and boost control. You simply need only one light to take care of each and every phase you are growing in. Absolutely no more need to buy other lighting per stage development. This particular light can easily handle everything. It aligns, therefore, you can easily work in your grow room at the same time. Just simply use the white light for protection while working.
  • You additionally receive the new exclusive one-piece integrated 90/120 degree focusing lens system.
  • This particular lighting package comes along with 1000w HPS substitute along with exact 4 × 4 hardcore bloom or 5 × 5 vegetative coverage at 18 ″ height. This is fantastic for indoor grow tents or even utilizing more than one units for stabilize coverage.
  • This particular grow light arrives with a 5 Year warranty. You even get a 90 Day complete satisfaction or return assurance. In case you are not satisfied simply return the lights for a complete money back.

Going deep into details!

Normal grow lights can barely offer so much lumen output. The larger your grow area, the more lighting you will require. In some cases, you need to buy wide hoods to expand the light. Making use of higher watts on lighting only serves to produce heat. Excessive heat could ruin your plants.

With the help of the complete 12-band spectral production, these particular lights have the ability to use 100% of power consumption for actual plant growth. Earlier models of grow lights only produced almost 40% of functional light in the direction of the plant whilst the remaining light was simply wasted in power usage as well as heat energy. With the help of the effectiveness of spectrum, these particular LED grow lights utilize less than 50% of the power and heat to generate the exact same amazing growing energy.

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These types of new lights were actually developed to offer the ultimate yield as well as coverage by using a single light in a 4 × 4 grow are. By coupling the 12-band spectrum together with 2x CREE XM-L2 10w booster LEDs in every cluster, the lights can easily provide boosted intensity throughout a larger area.

Every one of the XML2 series lights includes an amazing focusing lens system. The system comprises of a single, molded lens cluster integrated 90 degree focusing lenses for the 3w LEDs as well as ultra-high dispersion 120-degree convex concentrating lenses for the 10w CREE XM-L2 LEDs. This stuff not only concentrates and magnifies canopy penetration but significantly enhances spectral mixing as well as coverage.

Check Reviews & Latest Price on Amazon

Platinum LED grow lights function with the help of a combo of an optimal blend of 12 different bands of complete light spectrum. It begins by the depths of UV to the uppermost IR– offering plants specifically the carefully tuned spectrum which they need to grow.

By coupling best bin LED selection along with ultra-high intensity drivers, the lights can easily produce an intense as well as high PAR, thus manufacturing a couple of amazing grow lights on the marketplace today. The outcome of these particular lights is unmatched by other competitors in the marketplace at present.

Therefore in case you are planning to get amazing plant growth without the extra huge electrical expenses, then buy these particular grow lights from Advanced Platinum Series. You would not find any other grow light which is similar on the marketplace.

These particular lights are simply best for any grower no matter if you are a newbie or even an experienced grower. Plants react within days to the light’s highly effective output. The overall design is highly recommended by manufacturers and it is manufactured from top-notch products.


You can tell right away after you open the package, that this particular product is definitely meant to deal with serious work. Your plants will certainly love you for this and so will your wallet. These lights undoubtedly are affordable in their price range.

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