Advanced Platinum Series P1200 Review 2018

Plants require top quality light to grow at their absolute best. The wide-ranging intense light will certainly make your weed grow faster.

Hence exactly how do you identify if a grow light is actually worth buying? Our team believes the PlatinumLED P1200 definitely worth every penny. Let’s evaluate it so you can find the key reasons why.

Advanced Platinum Series P1200

The primary reason our team prefer the P1200 Grow Light

Firstly, LEDs are the most innovative new method to grow weed. LED Lights generally utilize much less electricity as compared to HPS, and also they produce minimal heat, which assists you in keeping things on the down-low. The LED bulbs survive approximately 100,000 hours or even years of use. You’ll drain less money operating them, and you will never have to change them for a long time.

Secondly, the LEDs in this particular P1200 grow light cover up a wide spectrum of color– 12 bands, to be precise. They transmit ultraviolet via infrared, plus all the visible light in between. It’s like having the sun right within your grow tent. You can examine how well your current light is performing with this light meter.

Thirdly, PlatinumLED allows you pick among “Veg” as well as “Bloom” spectrums. Veg carefully boosts your seedlings so as to produce leaves. After that Bloom kicks it up a notch to full energy, therefore, your plant’s flower.

4th, our team love that the P1200 LED drivers to operate throughout the world. They welcome 110V or even 220V input (or precisely, 85V to 260V). You know, just in case you require shifting your operation.

Lastly, we praise each the 90-day money-back guarantee as well as the 5-year warranty that PlatinumLED provides.
Further information regarding the P1200 Grow Light

In this direction’s we research a bit further. PlatinumLED claims they buy their LED bulbs from leading manufacturers such as CREE and Bridgelux. Our team performed a little bit of investigation and got to know that these actually are widely known and reputable LED manufacturing companies.

After that our team liked to know the reason why PlatinumLED raved about “top bin LEDs.” We found that LEDs at times can vary in characteristics despite the fact that they are produced in the same set. “Top bin” means that the LEDs are matched in color, voltage, as well as flux. So PlatinumLED solely utilizes light bulbs that pass stricter quality assurance.

Alright, color made an impression on our team. In a world filled with cheap models, PlatinumLED is a firm which knows their stuff and even cares about it, Our team also found that they take a while to address customer inquiries on retail store sites like Amazon.

Information for the technical-minded

We like specs. An inch could make a huge impact, right?

  • The P1200 light panel has a weight of 46 pounds and measures 3 feet long by 19 inches wide and 3 inches high
  • Consists Of 400 3-watt LED bulbs along with 90 ° secondary focusing lens
  • Primary coverage at 18-inches is 5 feet by 4 feet; highest light coverage at 18 inches is 6 feet by 5.5 feet
  • Average power draw is 379 watts for “veg” and 690 watts for “bloom”.
  • You’ll require a minimum of 6.3 A of current for 110V and 3.1 A for 220V.


Why buy a P1200 panel?

Our team would suggest this LED grow light for commercial growers or determined home growers. In case you merely possess a few plants, then this LED Light is way greater than what you really need. However, in case you intend to expand, buy this one. You can easily increase panels as you add more plants.

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