Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review 2018

So here I would like to explore one more LED lamp and put it into your consideration. Let us’s have a glance at the Advanced Platinum Series P300w 11-band LED grow light.

The Specifications

This particular is among the latest models produced in the Platinum series. It is a 400 watt grow light which is an excellent option for grow areas of approximately 5 by 3 feet. To puts it simply, a minimal to mid-size horticultural garden, sufficient to get a nice production.

The lamp is a wonderful money saver considering that it simply utilizes about 185 watts of electricity and offers your plants 100% usable light to obtain exceptional photosynthesis as well as nutrition.

Amongst the best capabilities of the Platinum series is that it provides an ideal blend of light featuring UV as well as IR, that makes your plants extremely lovely.

The 3W LEDs additionally possess a 90-degree secondary focusing lens which in turn adds deepness as well as the range to the lamp and far outrun a great deal of the competition for the price.

Additionally, it offers you a number of fantastic customizing effects. You can certainly utilize dual light spectrums while shifting from plant to flowering or perhaps seedling by simply turning on/off the second button so as to lower or maybe increase light as well as spectrum capacity.

My Personal opinion

What exactly can I say? Advanced Platinum is among my favorite providers. I believe they provide top quality products at an extremely economical price; the $$$ * price of this particular model approaches lamps which are much higher priced.

The structure is great and also strong, the lamps possess a 50,000-hour warranty also the coverage is excellent.

I generally position this particular lamp at a distance of about 36 inches directly from the plant, in some cases closer when I possess plants which require more light and also a little further out for seedlings.

I receive coverage of approximately 4 x 3 feet; although it does reach a little bit further than this, which in turn is fantastic, with the exception that the plants farther out than this specific coverage area often slope in towards the light.

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I love that this particular lamp possesses two different selectable switches to intensify or even soften the emitted light. The cooling fans try to keep the LEDs cool at all times and most importantly this particular lamp is an electricity saver and even comes along with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Check Reviews & Latest Price on Amazon

The LED chips are changeable if they blow out, so basically, you’ll get bored of this particular lamp well before it’s even time to change it. In my point of view, you can not obtain a better brand compared to this.

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