Advanced Platinum Series P450 Review 2018

We have indeed been examining a series of LED grow lights from one of the leading manufacturers, PlatinumLED. The P450 panel is one of our favorites. Here’s the reason why:

Advanced Platinum Series 450

The tangible details

The P450 panel is best when it comes to a 3 ′ by 3 ′ grow tent or closet. If you hold a larger space, then you can hang multiple lights. The P450 runs very quietly and doesn’t raise the temperature inside to where you’ll need to have any kind of additional cooling.

The light has a purple tone to it. It’s soothing to the eyes. But in case you wish to check the overall health of your weed, you’ll need a regular white light.

Because our team switched to LED panels, the electric bill dropped by half. Honestly, I will never ever grow indoors below anything aside from LED ever again.

We’ve never ever had to change a bulb or panel, but even if we did, PlatinumLED has a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a 5-year warranty.

Fantastic lighting, great results

PlatinumLED says you can replace a 600-watt HPS setup with their 450W panel Yes, you can. And also it simply pulls around 275W even when you switch on the high-power “Bloom” for flowering. Don’t panic about your plants not getting sufficient light, because your plants will with the P450.

Just keep the light suspended at the recommended distance from their plant’s tops, or perhaps canopy. If you get the light too near, you probably will not “burn” them, however, their leaves will change color. When you observe that happening, raise the light a couple of inches.

One thing we observed is that by using LEDs, we don’t use as much water. We also had to calibrate the nutrients a little bit. Our weed is growing like … well, a weed!

Top features of the PlatinumLED 450W grow light panel.

  1. Waved 18 inches above our plants, the light covers up 5 by 4 feet total, perfect for 3′ by 3′ primary coverage
  2. Full-spectrum light consists of 12 wavelengths starting with infrared to ultraviolet– it’s like getting the sun inside your closet, however without the heat
  3. Button for “Bloom” turns on extra flower energy
  4. LEDs do not generate heat similar to traditional bulbs, and also don’t burn plants
  5. LEDs use a whole lot less electricity to run; costs are significantly less than employing HPS
  6. PlatinumLED puts into action high-quality 3W bulbs that survive as much as 50,000 hours or longer
  7. P450 build quality is actually firm and also the panel looks professional
  8. The cooling ventilators at the top of the panel are actually very quiet as compared to other brand grow lights
  9. Panel cooperates with a large range of electric voltages from all over the world

The above-mentioned are the reasons why we appreciate and employ PlatinumLED in our private setups at home, and also suggest them to the pros. You actually do get what you spend for– PlatinumLED has high quality products.

Definitely worth the investment

We recommend the P450 panel for 3-foot by 3-foot grow areas, or even as a component of a larger setup. This particular is a strong performer that assists plants to grow healthy. It has a top-notch build with quality components that are crafted to survive.We have also conducted an Best Led Grow Lights Review In case you are interested to read that click here!

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