Advanced Platinum Series P9-XML2 Review 2018

Cannabis growing has indeed expanded significantly throughout the years. It used to be some inside the house growing meant placing your plants within or perhaps close to a window for sunlight. Well, everything has now evolved.

Growers utilize specialized lighting for all of their inside the house growing requirements. Starting with halogen lights towards LEDs, grow lights have progressed dramatically. The lumens they produce works in different ways and also the spectrum of light transmitted is different.

In the marketplace today there certainly is a new production of lights readily available for growing. Advanced Platinum has indeed developed a number of the most effective lights one could purchase.

The new Platinum series makes it possible for your plants to cultivate large yields without the extra expenses as well as heat output.

Advanced Platinum Features

Advanced Platinium grow lights come along with eye-popping features which help encourage your plant growth to a whole new level. The modern technology which goes into these lights delivers maximum grow potential for your grow rooms. No matter if you are dealing with a large scale or even possess plants growing in much smaller sets, these particular lights will definitely produce wonders.

  • The new Platinum LED lights possess the best par/lumen output per watt of any LED grow light. You receive 2-3 times the intensity of every other grow lights presently on the marketplace.
  • You receive complete 12 band full spectrum light featuring UV/IR + 2 times white light 10w CREE XM-L2 LEDs for each set. Which is 38% higher output compared to older XM-L models.
  • Generally, there are 3 selectable modes for the phases of vegging, flowering and boost control. You simply need only one light to take care of each and every phase you are growing in. Absolutely no more need to buy other lighting per stage development. This particular light can easily handle everything. It aligns, therefore, you can easily work in your grow room at the same time. Just simply use the white light for protection while working.
  • You additionally receive the new exclusive one-piece integrated 90/120 degree focusing lens system.
  • This particular lighting package comes along with 1000w HPS substitute along with exact 4 × 4 hardcore bloom or 5 × 5 vegetative coverage at 18 ″ height. This is fantastic for indoor grow tents or even utilizing more than one units for stabilize coverage.
  • This particular grow light arrives with a 5 Year warranty. You even get a 90 Day complete satisfaction or return assurance. In case you are not satisfied simply return the lights for a complete money back.

Going deep into details!

Normal grow lights can barely offer so much lumen output. The larger your grow area, the more lighting you will require. In some cases, you need to buy wide hoods to expand the light. Making use of higher watts on lighting only serves to produce heat. Excessive heat could ruin your plants.

With the help of the complete 12-band spectral production, these particular lights have the ability to use 100% of power consumption for actual plant growth. Earlier models of grow lights only produced almost 40% of functional light in the direction of the plant whilst the remaining light was simply wasted in power usage as well as heat energy. With the help of the effectiveness of spectrum, these particular LED grow lights utilize less than 50% of the power and heat to generate the exact same amazing growing energy.

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These types of new lights were actually developed to offer the ultimate yield as well as coverage by using a single light in a 4 × 4 grow are. By coupling the 12-band spectrum together with 2x CREE XM-L2 10w booster LEDs in every cluster, the lights can easily provide boosted intensity throughout a larger area.

Every one of the XML2 series lights includes an amazing focusing lens system. The system comprises of a single, molded lens cluster integrated 90 degree focusing lenses for the 3w LEDs as well as ultra-high dispersion 120-degree convex concentrating lenses for the 10w CREE XM-L2 LEDs. This stuff not only concentrates and magnifies canopy penetration but significantly enhances spectral mixing as well as coverage.

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Platinum LED grow lights function with the help of a combo of an optimal blend of 12 different bands of complete light spectrum. It begins by the depths of UV to the uppermost IR– offering plants specifically the carefully tuned spectrum which they need to grow.

By coupling best bin LED selection along with ultra-high intensity drivers, the lights can easily produce an intense as well as high PAR, thus manufacturing a couple of amazing grow lights on the marketplace today. The outcome of these particular lights is unmatched by other competitors in the marketplace at present.

Therefore in case you are planning to get amazing plant growth without the extra huge electrical expenses, then buy these particular grow lights from Advanced Platinum Series. You would not find any other grow light which is similar on the marketplace.

These particular lights are simply best for any grower no matter if you are a newbie or even an experienced grower. Plants react within days to the light’s highly effective output. The overall design is highly recommended by manufacturers and it is manufactured from top-notch products.


You can tell right away after you open the package, that this particular product is definitely meant to deal with serious work. Your plants will certainly love you for this and so will your wallet. These lights undoubtedly are affordable in their price range.

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