Instant Pot Review 2018 | Which Model is best for you?

InstaPot/ Instant Pot Review: Best Electric Pressure Cooker of 2018

Almost everyone is discussing the new Instapot and I am sure you too arrived here looking for Instant Pot review. Absolutely?

However, you are unable to decide which model and/or size is certainly most ideal for you. Read on to discover and find out why InstaPot is my most absolute favorite and frequently used kitchen gadget. InstaPot can do a bunch of things through a single push of a switch that other pressure cookers simply can’t.

What is Instant Pot (aka Instapot)?

As the name suggests, it is a pot which is developed for fast and versatile cooking. Not only this but it really is a multi-functional pressure cooker which will replace 8-10 other kitchen appliances as well, sparing you time and money.

If you’ve been scared of pressure cooking until now, this revolutionary product will change your mind and you’ll start utilizing it even more compared to your smartphone (Just kidding). But believe me, it’s incredibly harmless and you will definitely be confident using it.

InstaPot works as a slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Cake maker, Steamer, Warmer and Sterilizer. By having all these functions, it is among the very best pressure cookers available on Amazon.

Instant Pot Review 2018

Below are few factors which I personally take into consideration before purchasing any kitchen appliances.

  • Ease of Use
  • Safety and security standards (Very Important)
  • My Budget

Surprisingly, InstaPot has all this and now is the time to get hold of this gorgeous kitchen gadget. I have been an anti-cooker chef throughout my life. I used to possess other cookers however, I really did not utilize them on a regular basis due to the potential dangers all cookers pose. But I rejoice I came across a useful review of Instant Pot, purchased just one and I feel a lot more secure working with it. This has now become my very most commonly used kitchen essential. I don’t only use it for cooking but I quite commonly make use of it for steaming, browning as well as making yogurt.

Instant Pot pressure cooker is available in 3 sizes; 5 quarts, 6 quarts, and 8 quarts. I purchased the 6 quarts one because it is actually ideal when it comes to my small family of 3 people. In case you have more than 4 people in your family or perhaps you prefer to cook in larger volume and after that freeze, I would certainly recommend you opt for the 8 quarts one.

Important Features

Before proceeding to the models plus in-depth instant pot review, let’s have a look at key features:

  • 24 hours Delay Start Timer.
  • 3 ply stainless-steel pot that is guaranteed to run safely and also for a much longer period.
  • Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker.
  • User-friendly Command Panel.
  • 3 Temperature level environments for Saute as well as Slow Cooking.
  • 14 built-in programs make things easy for beginners to utilize InstaPot. These include soup, meat/stew, yogurt, porridge, rice and much more.
  • Dual pressure and automatic keep-warm configurations.
  • Energy efficient; saves you on electrical energy bills.
  • Remarkably kitchen friendly with 10 inbuilt safety and security mechanisms; certified by UL as well as ULC.
Listed below are some awesome features that were introduced in the all-new Instant Pot Ultra 2017 release:

  • Height adjustment for even more accurate cooking time. No assumption work anymore.
  • Cake, Egg as well as Sterilize Controls.
  • New Dial intended for Easier cooking recipe choice.
  • Cooking procedure indicator for monitoring cooking states: Preheat, cook and also keep warm.
  • Steam release reset button to execute both continuous as well as pulse steam release manually.
  • Intelligent programs save your last modification, so you really don’t have to memorize your recipes.

Instant Pot Models

DUO Plus (Editor's Choice) DUO ULTRA SMART
DUO Plus
Pressure Cooker
Slow Cooker
Rice Cooker
Yogurt Maker
Cake Maker
Egg Cooker
Pressure Cooking High/Low High/Low High/Low High/Low
Size 6 Qt. 3,6,8 Qt. 6 Qt. 6 Qt.
Built-in Programs 15 13 16 14
Custom Programming
Cooking Progress Indicator
Altitude Adjustment
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Which InstaPot Model is actually Best for Me?

It completely depends on the amount of comfort you are looking for. You can certainly keep your financial investment at lowest and go for the LUX or you could be extravagant and purchase the Ultra or SMART.

However here is the actual offer.

Everything comes down to your requirements. My personal preference is without a doubt DUO (Actually DUO Plus). DUO Plus is the 2017 release and has indeed got a number of additional capabilities such as cake maker, sterilizer and also built-in egg boil feature. DUO Plus is the most recent evolution of the # 1 selling multi-cooker, Instant Pot DUO.

If you don’t want advanced capabilities such as Yogurt maker, Sterilizer, Cake Maker, etc., simply opt for the LUX.

In case you are tech-savvy and want to get endless possibilities for cooking by using InstaPot, go with the SMART.

In case you are living in a high altitude, Instant Pot Ultra is ideal for you since it comes with a dedicated altitude adjustment control that eliminates guesswork and offers precise cooking time.

Which Size is really Ideal for Me?

It totally depends. But I would always recommend opting for a bigger one, instead of obtaining a small size and then regretting. Smaller requirements would resolve in the larger size, however, bigger needs, regrettably, would not fit inside the small size.

Just don’t think about the 5 Quart. size. Take note of the fill limit as well. If you choose 6 Quart, you can load 3/4th of it. I really like my 6 quarts. size, since we are a small family of 3 and I, don’t like to batch cook. 6 Quart is the most sold size on Amazon.

If you like to prepare in large quantity, I would recommend you get the 8 Quart.

Reasons Why Should I Buy an Instant Pot?

I really don’t think if there is a reason not to buy this amazing pressure cooker after checking out my Instant Pot review. Nevertheless, in case you are confused, read below to discover what you get with this all in one multi-functional pressure cooker:

Ease of Use

InstaPot control panelInsta Pot is a life-saver. Everything is merely one-push away. Want to cook rice? Push the button. Want to steam? Exactly one button.

Literally, anything you wish to perform requires with one simple push of a button. The digital display makes it convenient to cook as well as informs you precisely how much time is remaining so that you could roll your sleeves and prepare yourself to eat. It furthermore includes a detailed user guidebook which leaves absolutely no complexity in case you need help with a function.

High Safety Standards.

InstaPot is very carefully designed addressing all major potential risks. There certainly is a safety lock that keeps the lid from opening just in case cooker gets pressurized, resulting in no possibility for the cooker to burst and endanger you. Of course, there is also an inbuilt pressure regulator that ensures that pressure stays within safety cap i.e. 15.23 psi. It has a leaky lid smart detection function that checks for any sort of steam leak or even informs if the steam release is open. Furthermore, there is a magnetic sensor that makes sure lid is positioned properly.

In any type of uncertain occasion, Excess Pressure Protection technology takes care of the excess pressure and sends it into the internal chamber. In case electric current or pressure exceeds safety limits, the fuse discontinues power which reduces the risk of a blast.

Healthy plus Nutritious Food.

The InstaPot is designed to make sure you consistently receive delicious and nutritious food. Normal pressure cookers are unable to retain minerals and vitamins within the food whereas Instant Pot retains the taste and nutrients due it’s microprocessor controlled cooking cycles. Rest assured that InstaPot cooks food inside a completely sealed surrounding maintaining the original taste in the food.

Energy Efficient.

The manufacturers have tried their best to keep the product as eco-friendly as possible. It consumes up to 70% lesser energy as compared with various other kitchen appliances e.g. oven, steamer, etc. InstaPot cooks food in a lot less time as compared to other pressure cookers and even this is why it consumes less energy.

The automatic temperature control keeps it even more energy efficient by heating inner pot to a specific temperature only. Additionally, the closed cooking surrounding means very less water is being utilized in food preparation as compared with the volume of water you utilize in traditional cookers for steaming. This feature also contributes to making the greenest pressure cooker available.


Popular InstaPot Mistakes

Listed below are some common mistakes you must watch out for when working with your instapot:

Forgetting the Inner Pot

Call it a simple human error or perhaps just absent-mindedness, but people tend to fill the pot with all the ingredients and just completely forget about the inner pot. This leads to one damaged instapot and no food. Such mistakes can be avoided by always having the inner pot in line with the pot itself.

Undermining the Seal

Due to the fact that instant pots use pressure and steam to cook food, it is important to seal the air right before starting with anything. If the rubber ring on the inside of the lid is not secured properly, the whole steam will leak out and your meal will be as raw as a rock. Be sure to secure the rubber ring in the lid, then begin with the cooking.

Not Letting the Pressure Buildup

The instapot works far better than ovens, cookers, and stoves strictly when you allow the pressure build-up on its inside, at its very own pace. But considering that the majority of us are in a hurry and we want to consider the prep-time as the total time for preparing the dish, this specific is where we disturb the pressure build up. You should always add an extra 10-15 minutes in the stated prep time, within this time the pressure will definitely build up and then the cooking process will begin.

Loading it to the Max

Throughout the cooking process, ingredients tend to expand, especially when it includes pressure cooking. Within the pot, there certainly will be a max line marked, to allow you know about the pot’s limit. The line should never be crossed. In fact, you should always try to keep the ingredients below that line, even during slow cooking. Preferably, filling up only fifty percent of the pot will provide your ingredients and steam that much needed space.

Confusing Yourself with the Timer

One of the easiest to confuse feature on the instapot is the Cooking timer button. While most of us set the cooking timer and assume the instant pot to start running, it is however meant for the complete opposite function. Timer usually causes a delay in the cooking process, depending on the time you put on it. It could be applied to any sort of course and will certainly start the program right after the set time has passed.

Too much/ Too little Liquid

Only experience can crack this Da Vinci Code. In case there certainly is insufficient liquid, the instant pot won’t be capable to produce steam and therefore your food would be under-cooked. In case there is excess liquid, it will consume more time for the instpot to cook and possibilities are that you will most likely spoil your dish. In order to deal with this, always begin with leaving in one cup of liquid and then increasing the amount only if it’s required. But this is something that one learns over time and use.

Stovetop vs Instant Pot

Call it a habit or lack of awareness, but some people foolishly place their instant pots directly on the stovetops. This is one of the most common yet dangerous mistake people make just because they were not paying attention. Always keep the instapot in one place and in case it needs to be placed on the stove, a wooden deck should be used in between them to avoid any accidents.

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